Our Team

Jeff Pisoni


Jeff loves making wine—and considers himself a lifelong student of enology. It’s the craft that his father inspired him to explore, study and pursue since he was just a toddler. Through his role as a winemaker, Jeff developed a passion for exchanging information and insights with the winemaking community, all with the goal of driving for higher quality wine and methods. This is the inspiration from which he and his family established the dedicated Gravity Wine House facility in Sonoma County.

portrait of Jose Arreola, lead bottling tech at gravity wine house in santa rosa california

José Arreola

Lead Bottling Technician

As the Lead Bottling Technician here at Gravity Wine House, José is the eyes and ears on our mobile bottling line. With nearly twenty years of experience both in cellars and on bottling lines, he can pinpoint a problem just by listening to bottles pass through the sparger, filler, corker, and countless other components of the line. In this sense, we view José as the grand conductor of a bottling orchestra, ensuring all pieces and parts move and work together in harmony. He thrives in fast-paced environments and loves collaborating with customers on their specific bottling needs.

A Sonoma County native, José grew up among vineyards in Cloverdale, California. When he’s not on the bottling line, he can most likely be found with his family, cruising on a boat at Lake Sonoma or enjoying a live soccer or basketball game.

portrait of Malenca Loga, enologist at Gravity Wine House

Malenca Logan


The Enologist in our Analytical Laboratories, Malenca, is a seasoned veteran in the lab. Originally from Berkeley, California, a love of learning led her to the East coast where she received her BA in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Haverford College. Back on the West coast, a love of wine persuaded her to receive a Master of Science degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis. When Malenca is not analyzing clients’ wines in the lab, she enjoys cooking delicious meals while drinking an aromatic white at home with her pup, Munchie.

Malenca thrives in the lab, where she solves problems with efficiency and care, answers perplexing questions using analytical data, and helps our clients create truly special wines through science.