Designed and operated by winemakers

Winemaking is about details, and bottling is the culmination of months or years of work in grape growing and winemaking. When it comes to this critical step, we want to be in complete control of the final process. We designed our Gravity Mobile Bottling line to meet our high standards as winemakers, and are pleased to offer it to our in-house and offsite customers.

Contact us to learn more about our bottling line and discuss bottling dates. We’ll be happy to share our approach to bottling.

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Inside the Truck


A critical first step to the process. Our DS-12 bottle cleaner/sparger is a legend in the bottling world designed by the U.S. Bottlers Machinery Company. This ensures thorough displacement of all oxygen for minimal DO pickup.


At the heart of our bottling line is a gravity flow, vacuum assist Bertolaso 16-spout filler with the patented 4-D valves. These valves were custom designed to ensure smooth flow of wine through the bottling valves, delivering consistent fill levels with low D.O.


Our six-head Bertolaso corker with stainless steel jaws delivers a seamless and sanitary corking execution with strong vacuum.

Capsules & Screw Caps

Automatic application of capsules and screwcaps is carried out with our Nortan foil applicator and our Bertolaso ROPP screw capper.


Impresstik has been a leader in the pressure sensitive label industry for decades and it’s VAC3000 model finds a home in our line. This provides great flexibility, precision and consistency in label application.


With an increased focus on traceability from the FDA and various markets, we are pleased to offer laser coding options for your wine bottles—a rarity in the mobile bottling industry. Our laser coder utilizes CO2 lasers to embed a custom and permanent code into a discreet section of the bottle.

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