A home for your wine

Custom Crush is the epitome of fostering a community in the winemaking world. A Custom Crush arrangement is where one leases space, equipment, and provides labor for other winemakers. Over the years, we have outfitted our Sonoma County winery with a wide variety of custom and specialized winemaking equipment and infrastructure. We are pleased to offer a limited amount of our space for other winemakers to craft their wine.

This Custom Crush environment not only offers a place for others to make wine, but also fosters a fun environment and winemaking community for everyone involved. We designed a home for us to make, analyze, and bottle wine—and extend this to the industry we love.

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Barrels & Tanks at Our Facility Chardonnay Pressing

The Facility

Sonoma County Location

We designed the Gravity facility and equipment to be a place for crafting exceptional wine. Our facility is roughly 20,000 square feet in Santa Rosa. This central location of Sonoma County’s wine country offers great access to fruit sources, supplies, team members and customers.

Cellar and Laboratory

Our facility is equipped with multiple temperature-controlled barrel rooms, warm and cold glycol, basket and bladder presses, a gentle Rotovib destemmer, bottling and extensive laboratory offerings—see dedicated pages for more info on these.

Winemaking Team

We are proud to host exceptionally talented and experienced cellar and administrative teams. We work in close collaboration to ensure timeliness and precision in executing all of our clients’ requests.

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